Artist Insight: David Cintract

An art gallery near our hotel caught my eye on the first day so I had to take a little visit inside the next time I walked past. Turns out it was a gallery showcasing the work of painter David Cintract (I hadn’t heard of him before but I did a little research when I got back). His work can be likened to that of the Pop Art movement and like Warhol and Lichtenstein he uses images from society to communicate his ideas. He works onto unusual material’s such as dolls, sculptures, shop mannequins and even cars but he still manages to stand out as a unique and independent artist. You can find examples of his work here.

I love the way he incorporates society into his work and plays with colours and textures; his work is really wacky and distinctive and really stands out. I found the whole gallery really interesting and although photographs weren’t allowed inside, I managed to snap a few from the outside and picked up a brochure too. Cintract is also the creator of the Free Pop movement and after seeing his work I’m sure we’ll definitely be hearing more of him in the future!