Fashioning Fashion at Les Arts Décoratifs

The second exhibition I seemed to stumble across was the Fashioning Fashion exhibition, held at Les Arts Décoratifs, the Museum of Decorative Arts. After searching for ages we finally found the museum nestled right beside the Musée du Louvre and I was really impressed at the variety of garments on show.

The exhibition itself had over a hundred male and female costumes dating back to the 18th century and provided a historic insight into the principal trends of European fashion through the decades. It also described the technical and hidden aspects of fashion and I found the whole exhibition was really intriguing. Although the exhibition has now ended, the exhibition catalogue would be a great read for anyone interested! The bookstore at the Museum was amazing and I spent ages browsing through all the sections, I must have lost track of time and clearly spent a little longer there than I should have as we almost missed our train back to London, oops! But I was forgiven considering it was a bookstore and I rarely enter those. I couldn’t come home without a reminder of my visit so I purchased a few commemorative postcards as they seemed the only thing a student like me could afford…