On Top Of The World: Whistler

Whistler is now by far my favourite family holiday destination, or just holiday destination in general. Why you ask? Because there is just so much going on and there’s something for everyone. Whistler village is flanked by glaciated mountains on both sides so when we first got there, it was like everything was set down inbetween a maze of scenic beauty. Whistler is famous for its winter activities such as skiing and snowboarding and people come from far and wide to use the slopes. I’m not a skier myself (I know I’d be useless as my balance is awful) plus the mountains are huge. We visited in August and there was still snow on the peaks which was a little strange as it was so hot but nonetheless it was still a pretty amazing sight. You can do a peak to peak alpine experience which takes you from Blackcomb mountain peak to Whistler, so naturally this was the first stop.

Aside from me almost (I say very nearly almost) loosing my bag through the gap in the seat to the mountain below half way up, the journey up to the peak of Whistler mountain was beautiful, scenic and full of gorgeous natural habitat – but nothing compared to what we would find at the top. After another chair lift change to take us higher, we reached the top and the views were stunning. I’d never been to the top of a mountain like that before so I was blown away as soon as I saw the view. After some amazing photo opportunities we got in the gondola (which was enclosed, with a 1,400 ft drop below us that really wouldn’t have been fun!) to take us across to Whistler mountain peak. It was such a clear, sunny day so the views were spectacular and I managed to take lots of photos to share with you all. To my surprise, so many people working the summer period at Whistler were from England! I saw so many people with Southampton, Essex or London on their name tags so it must be a very popular place to work in the summer for students like us. The gondola ride took about 15 minutes and it was such a fun and memorable thing to have done.

Once on the other side we met my mum for some lunch and had an ice cream, then we headed off for the next part – the top! Naturally my mum and younger brother went back down but we carried on as we wanted to see Whistler from right at the top and I’m so happy we did it. The views were phenomenal and I literally was on top of the world. It was so much colder at the top and a very steep walk to find the chair lift but completely worth it. I was blown away by how spectacular everything looked and the glacier pools were filled with the purest natural blue water I’ve ever seen. It was a completely surreal experience.

My brother and I took the chair lift back down the mountain and the views were completely breaktaking. On the way up you’re facing the mountain quite close up and you see a different perspective. On the way down everything is right in front of you, clear and beautiful so it really was a spectacular end to the most amazing day. We saw Whistler mountain in all its glory and it was the most beautiful experience. Seeing everything in its natural environment really was so peaceful and tranquil and it’s a must see if you’re ever in Whistler on holiday. I would recommend doing it in the summer as the weather makes it so much more enjoyable and the views even better!

We only stayed in Whistler for two nights but in that short time I got such a great vibe from the place that I would definitely choose to go back. In the evenings there was so much going on and a real genuine buzz. Albeit there were a lot of tourist’s as it is a resort but it’s great if you like that sort of thing and we certainly did. There’s so much to do in Whistler, from taking a sunset quad bike ride through the mountains, to having breakfast on a lake and watching the bears, to ziplining through forests and skiing down one of the most famous slopes in the world. There’s quaint markets, amazing restaurants and brilliant shops to keep everyone entertained and it really is a vibrant, fun filled and exciting place to be. It’s a completely different lifestyle – everyone is so laid back. We had the most amazing time in Whistler and even though it was short, I’m already planning on going back!