A Country Pub Wedding

In January my good friend Tanya married Andrew. They own the local pub I had worked in for six years, and I was so excited and honoured to be invited to their big day! Tanya looked stunning in a gown from Bodice and Bustle, a beautiful local boutique, and the wedding reception took place in a marquee in The Ash Pub garden of course!

The night before the wedding I paid Tanya a visit to have a catch up, and found her in the marquee putting the final touched to the decorations. By this I mean she was on the floor, spray painting her cake-toppers and cake stands! She had a vision of what she wanted everything to look like, and once it all came together it did look pretty amazing. Here are a few of Tanya’s ideas that really added her stamp to the wedding:

The Dessert Table

Tanya wanted the dessert table to include lots of different puddings – doughnuts, cake, sweets – you name it, it was there. To display this table of treats she scoured charity shops for different items to put them in – a huge wine glass for the doughnuts, a big bowl for the sweets –the idea was they would all be of different heights and people could help themselves. She even found her wooden cake stand in a charity shop and it was perfect – we spray painted this gold the night before and it worked wonders on the day, for half the cost of a new one!

The Centre Pieces

The centre pieces were another ingenious idea. Again, charity shops were used to source all different kinds of glasses, cups and stackable objects. These were then spray painted white and glued together (upside down!) to create unique candle holders. Add some flowers and a doilie and ta da! The centre pieces were finished. They really emphasized the vintage theme too, and you could see the effort that had gone into them.

 The Marquee Decoration

The marquee decoration was probably one of my favourite ideas. Branches were cut off tree’s from outside and hung down the centre of the marquee. Baby’s breath were then threaded through the branches and flowers were placed inside small glass jars (which Tanya had saved from the pub!) and hung from the branches too. The finishing touch? Doilies that Tanya had ‘set’ over a bowl using PVA glue to give them a bowl shape, where a tea light was placed (battery powered of course..) to give the decoration some subtle light.

Because Tanya made and created a lot of things herself, the wedding was truly unique, and I had to share these three very special ideas with you. Congratulations Tanya and Andrew!