Kate Spade Sweet Suite Launch

Kate Spade is one of those designers who manages to capture the essence of pure fun and playfulness within every offering, whilst still keeping it girlie and glamorous. From a statement clutch to a pair of shoes, no stone is ever left unturned when it comes to creativity. This is why, when I visited the opening of her new flagship store on Regent Street, I felt like a child in a sweet shop – completely overwhelmed and in awe at what awaited me.

In this case, keeping your customers sweet was a very real concept for Kate Spade, as they had chosen to unveil a real Sweet Suite on opening night. This edible art installation was created by artist Jennifer Rubell (in the huge windows at the front of the store, for everyone to see, no less) and was modelled on an upmarket hotel suite. Participants could step into the window for their own edible experience, being met by either dessert dishes or Kate Spade products under shiny silver service dishes. A juxtaposition between New York and London was clear, with the focus being different desserts that you are served in both countries. And the best part? You could take any Kate Spade product you uncovered home! There was of course a beautifully made-up Kate Spade employee assisting with this interactive feature, and this eclectic fusion of both countries was evident throughout the new store design. Sadly the queue was too long for me to participate, but I enjoyed watching others experience this unusual concept and of course, browsing the new store.

There was also a live quartet of violin players and an endless amount of yummy cocktails to assist us, because you know, shopping is hard work… It was clear by this point I was in for a treat as I’d already uncovered the circus themed section and I was fixated on a lollypop purse, which I was trying to convince myself would be a practical purchase. Bright and airy, the shop didn’t make it hard to see every inch of stock that covered its white lacquered shelves – dangerous, you may say, as evident from my lollypop dilemma that surfaced almost immediately as I walked through the door – and the colours were amazing I’ve long been a fan of Kate Spades use of quirky combinations, slogans and imagery, but this store seemed to merge childlike dreams with adult practicalities. A bumble bee clutch? No problem. Need a pair of shoes every colour of the rainbow? They’ve got them. How about a watermelon parasole? Watch this space.

To me, this is what makes Kate Spade so unique and I had so much fun browsing this new willy wonka-esque fashion store. If you’re ever walking down Regent Street, I’d recommend popping in – you never know when you’ll next need a bag shaped like a bucket of roses.