Alice in her Palace

If you’re after a pair of fashion-forward flats, then French Sole is the place to visit. Founded by the Queen of ballet flats Jane Winkworth in 1989, French Sole’s classic flats have become wardrobe staples for the trendy London consumer – and their popularity continues to rise. Everyone likes to kick off their heels once in a while, and who wouldn’t want to do it in style? French Sole has stores in Knightsbridge, Chelsea, Marylebone and Mayfair and when I was invited to their Kings Road Boutique for the launch of their new collection in collaboration with fashion influencer and style muse, Alice Naylor-Leyland, I knew was in for a treat.

Alice herself is the epitome of artocratic elegance. She’s married to Tom, heir to one of Britain’s land-owning dynasties, and she splits her time between London and their country estate in Yorkshire, where they run the Talbot Hotel. It’s easy to assume that the collaborative collection with French Sole might therefore be a more traditional affair, but one look at Alice’s home – and her sense of style – would set you straight. Glamorous and sophisticated, she loves a glitzy gown and is just as passionate about her louboutins as she is her riding boots.

This makes for an enticing collection and when I saw Alice’s designs I was instantly hooked. Pumps with glitter bows, flamingoes in hearts, velvet satins and leopard prints instantly washed away any misconceptions and wouldn’t look out of place in the editors office of Vogue. An array of colour, imagination and creativity filled the shelves and, coupled with the life-sized flamingoes decorating the store and my pink-themed cocktail, there was definitely an element of spontaneous fun about the whole event. Take a peek at the event below!