Summer Fling

A little bit of holiday shopping never hurt anyone, and my favourite summer outfit had to be this Zara playsuit. I just love bright colours for summer, and the fit of this playsuit was just right. I’m obsessed with red at the moment, so it seemed only fitting I paired it with my favourite New Look sandals (the perfect height and the only pair of heels I can stand for longer than an hour in!) and a clutch bag from Forever 21. My favourite accessory, however, was my brand new ADEXE watch. When I was younger, watches were the one thing I really experimented with. Remember those bright, elastic straps and coloured faces that would now make you grimace? My style has certainly evolved, however I’ve always found it tough to find a stylish, great quality watch that doesn’t break the bank.

I hadn’t really heard of ADEXE before, but one look at their timeless watches instantly made me wish I’d heard of them sooner. When I discovered ADEXE, I was instantly drawn to their statement yet stylish designs. I chose the Freerunner watch in Black & Gold (as recently featured in Vogue!) and took it away with America with me. I wore it every day. It was so versatile, simple and easy to read, making it the perfect holiday accessory. Considering we were travelling around, it was so easy to wear and wasn’t heavy at all. Since I’ve been back, I’ve continued to wear it every day and I seriously love it. It’s great for work, and can also effortlessly jazz up an evening ensemble.

ADEXE is a small but beautiful brand. In 25 years their factory has grown from 3 to 1200 people and they offer a traditional luxury I have yet to find in another watch brand. Contemporary and minimalist, each watch is a finely crafted timepiece. On realising my new ADEXE companion is likely to be a longtime friend, I’ve been actively watching their feed with anticipation for new combinations. I’ve got my eye on Meek in blue or the Freerunner in silver or blue next..  the list could go on. I seriously want one in every colour.

*this watch was gifted to me by ADEXE and I genuinely love wearing it.