Afternoon Tea at Aviator Hotel

Catching up with girlfriends is always fun, especially when you do Afternoon Tea! We seem to have got into a bit of a tradition – not that I’m complaining! Ever since I moved away from Southampton, we try to meet up half-way every now and again for a catch up. This time we decided to go to the Aviator Hotel and as you might have guessed by the name, it sits right beside TAG Farnborough Airport, a private airport dedicated to business aviation.

The Afternoon Tea in question was £25, which we thought incredibly reasonable. For this we got a range of cakes, scones and four types of sandwiches – cucumber and cream cheese, chicken and bacon, salmon and egg. I don’t eat salmon or egg, so I stuck with the others but the best bit – you could request as many more of whatever type you liked! This was a real bonus for us. In addition to the food, we were also talked through a selection of different teas by our lovely server, and told we could try as many as we wanted – again, a real bonus for the avid tea enthusiasts amongst us! i have to say, I’m personally not partial to expensive teas where you leave hungry. I would always choose unfussy food that tastes good over expensive food that leaves me unsatisfied, and this tea ticked all those boxes. I left full, craving more chicken and bacon sandwiches, and with a goody box of the cakes I just couldn’t eat after the scones (of which you got 2 each!).

How can I make this sound even better you say? We had the tea just after Black Friday, which meant there was a 25% voucher up for grabs, making the tea £20. I would 100% say the Afternoon Tea was worth every penny, and the atmosphere was both relaxed yet up-market – the perfect destination for a girls catch up. I would love to return and am considering staying the night to really experience all the hotel has to offer.